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24 December 2010

prime hammer,multifunction hammer

Weight: 0.72 kg

HOW TO USE (refer to photograph in the page)

1.Hammering a concrete nail in concrete
(1)Place a nail in the semi-circle shaped hole located on the head part.
(2)Push the nail inside to the end while slightly holding the handle.
(3)Position tool into the correct point to be hammered.
(4)Holding the handle tightly,strike the piston head with another hammer,using as much force as possible.
2.Use as hammer
Hold handle tightly to fix the piston in head.then use as a hammer.
3.Screwdriver(cuneal head,cross head)
Put the head of the screwdriver into the hexagonal flute of the handle before use.
4.Use as pliers
Use the inside sawlike part.
5.Use as pipewrench
Use the outside sawlike part.
6.Pinch metal pieces together
Pick up hot objects with the head.
7.Pull out broken nails
Pull out a broken nails using the pincher and front part of the claw hammer.
8.Wity Clamp
Use the clamp to screw tightly the wire revolving to the left or the right to reinforce.
9.Pull out nails easily
Use the claw hammer to pull out nails.
10.Cut wires & nails
Place a wire in the round hole between head and handle.hold the wire with one hand and slowly tighten handles.

Regardless of sex or age, Everyone can strike a nail in concrete easily and safely.

RM30 (cod kl)
postage RM10

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