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08 April 2016

Cara convert video untuk player kereta

How to convert movie / video to play in car

Saya telah gunakan cara ini dan ia berjaya untuk player saya.
Saya tidak tahu model player pada kereta saya, ia mungkin sama seperti player yang dibeli dan bukan yang oem atau sedia ada pada kenderaan tersebut.

You can use our free DivX Plus Converter to convert videos to DivX format for playback in your DivX Certified device. You can download the software from here:

Once installed simply drag and drop the video into the converter, pick your profile that matches the level of certification of your device(Home Theater profile is a safe choice if your not sure). Transfer/copy the DivX file to USB and then be play it back on your certified device.

Please keep in mind the file must be a supported format and not have any type of encryption on it to be accepted by our Converter.

If you would like to look up what level of certification your device has you should refer to your products documentation or you can look it up here:

You can also find our comprehensive DivX Plus Converter guide here for reference:

Selepas selesai saya pindahkan video tersebut ke pada memori kad seperti ini:

Terus masukkan kad ke player anda atau boleh gunakan pendrive seperti ini:
bergantung kepada jenis player anda.
Selamat mencuba.  credit to : & Jeremy, Technical Support Manager

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